2 maintenance tips for coloured wigs

maintenance tips for coloured wigs

Whether you’ve dyed your extensions yourself or bought them pre-coloured, it’s really important that you know what to do to in order to protect your investment and keep that colour looking fresh and vibrant every day. Here’s how:

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1. Wash correctly

  • Wash coloured extensions in lukewarm or cool water to make sure the colour lasts longer – heat is their worst enemy.
  • Use shampoos that work best with colour-treated hair. The wrong type of shampoo can be loaded with sulfates that can strip the hair.  Use Redken Colour Extend Shampoo (R225 at Redken salons countrywide).

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2. Keep heating tools to a minimum

  • Using heat on your coloured wig will cause the colour to fade away.
  • Heat will also dry out the hair, leaving the texture rough and the tips dry.
  • After washing your weave, let the hair air dry to prevent heat damage.
  • Use Olive Oil Heat Protectant Serum (R74,95, Clicks) to protect your locks and spritz on Pantene Colour Brilliance Serum (R69,99, Clicks) for the colour to last longer.

With these easy tips you can go totally wild with colour in your hair.

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