5 Jewellery storage ideas to help you get organised

jewellery storage ideas
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Whether you like jewellery to be hidden from sight, for a clean and uncluttered look, or love the idea of putting your favourite pieces on display, here are some organised storage ideas that could work for you.

5 Jewellery storage ideas to help you get organised

Behind a mirror

If you need a mirror in your bedroom and need a better way to organise and store your jewellery so that you can grab the pieces you love while getting dressed, this standing jewellery mirror cupboard (R1 800) could be just the answer.

If you love the idea of hiding jewellery behind a mirror, but don’t have floor space to spare, try a wall-mounted mirrored jewellery storage cabinet, like this one from George & Mason (R1 299), available from Takealot.

A wall-mounted mirrored cabinet could also be a great option for an entryway as you can use it to store keys and go-to jewellery pieces that you can quickly grab before running out the door.

Create an artful display

And while we’re talking about entryways, you could turn to attractive entryway style hooks, like this metal multi-wall hook R199,99 from Mr Price Home, to display your favourite jewellery as art on a wall.

For a sweet rustic look, consider this wooden heart jewellery hanger – R145 from Neat Freak.

jewellery storage ideas

You could also keep jewellery in reach and dress up your dressing table with a beautiful jewellery tree, like this decorative deer antler tree jewellery organiser R189 by Miui and available from Takealot.

jewellery storage ideas

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