Fashion Talk With Khanyi Mbau


Our March cover star, Khanyi Mbau, talks about her fashion tips and tricks.


My essential fashion must haves are black court heels, a pair of stylish sandals, a knee-length shift dress, and high-waisted black pants. Black courts work with absolutely anything. They can easily update a simple look and are the best way to go from casual to formal without any hassles.

Every woman needs a shift dress for days where she needs to look formal or professional. I also find that high-waisted black pants will always give you a sexy silhouette and shape your curves nicely.

When it comes to clothing the best advice I would give would be to dress for comfort. When something doesn’t sit right on you, because it’s either too short or tight, it shows. When you, as an individual, don’t feel comfortable it’s obvious to other people around you. There is nothing worse than seeing ladies constantly pulling at their dresses because they are too short, or seeing them struggling in heels that are too high for them. If you are wearing something comfortable and that fits correctly you will exude confidence effortlessly.


My no.1 fashion buy was a pair of nude Aldo heels. They are extremely comfortable, they give me great height and make my legs look amazing. I also love the nude colour because it goes with everything I have in my closet.

My most prized possession is my black Versace coat. Although it was very expensive it’s a timeless piece I treasure. What’s also great about it is that I get to wear it every year around winter because coats never go out of fashion.

The trend I regret falling victim to was the Christian Louboutin heels phase. There was a time where having red bottoms meant you had made it in the fashion world and within the upmarket trendy circle. Those shoes are the most uncomfortable and painful heels I have ever owned, and I definitely suffered for the price tag.

My favourite international label is Versace. I love everything about the brand. Although it’s quite expensive, the clothing is timeless, commands attention and when wearing Versace I feel invincible.

My favourite local brand would be Quiteria and George. Their garments are striking, expressive and appealing. It’s also great to see young South African talent pushing their goals and realising their dreams.

When it comes to department stores my first choice is always Mr Price. They’re inexpensive, trendy and simple clothing is very appealing to me. I usually buy a few items from Mr. Price such as skirts and basic tops then dress them up with other things I have in my closet.

My celeb style icon is Rihanna. She is so multi-faceted when it comes to putting clothes together, and she dresses for her mood. One day she will be rocking something 90s or grunge inspired, and then you will see her at an event looking flawless in a stunning gown. I love people who are unafraid to experiment with different looks. She is bold and manages to make a statement and pull off everything she wears.