5 Fashion lessons we can all learn from Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods
Image sourced from Instagram

Jordyn is everybody’s favourite Instagram hottie and she has been slaying the fashion scene lately. We doubt it will be long until she takes over every sphere of entertainment. Every designer will soon want to dress her but in the meantime, Jordyn is paving her own way in the fashion scene and looking like a billion dollars while doing it. Here’s how you can steal Jordyn Woods, fabulous style:

5 Fashion lessons we can all learn from Jordyn Woods

1. Let out your inner animal

Step into the jungle with animal prints just like Jordyn. Ms Woods loves to play with sexy, stylish prints. She nails the look by pairing prints with muted colours.

2. Use a key accessory

Jordyn makes her outfits stand out by rocking one key accessory with everything. Her favourite is her teeny-tiny Louis V bag. Now we can’t all afford a designer bag, but we can get like Jordyn Woods and use one accessory to turn any look into a fashion knockout.

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3. Stay fit

Jordyn Woods is serious about working on her body. Her body has transformed over the past few years and it looks like there is no stopping her now. Jordyn has a great fitness wardrobe – leggings and crop tops in bright colours and unique styles. There is no better fitness inspo than a cute outfit!

4. Sexy and sassy

Jordyn Woods is of course very sexy. Her sexiness is now part of her brand. She loves showing off her great legs in mini skirts and dresses. She also enjoys low-cut and sheer looks. Jordyn uses the Tyra Banks rule of showing skin – if you’re showing your legs, cover up the rest and vice versa.

5. Dame in denim

Jordyn loves denim. Boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans and denim jackets make up a major part of Jordyn’s wardrobe. Pair boyfriend jeans with a crop top for a cute, casual look.

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