Win 1 of 2 CÎROC x Moschino hampers valued at R2500 each

Win 1 of 2 CÎROC x Moschino hampers valued at R2500 each

The new CÎROC x Moschino is the original CÎROC Vodka, wrapped in a luxurious Moschino design by Italian fashion House designer Jeremy Scott who is the founder & creative Genius behind successful fashion brand Moschino, and is available in limited quantities from 15 April 2019 at leading bottle stores across the country.

Showcasing a playful take on modern luxury, the CÎROC x Moschino limited-edition bottle is one-of-a-kind collaboration as it emboldens those who value spending quality time with friends to celebrate and make bold moves as they enjoy premium vodka without compromising on luxury. Inside the CÎROC x Moschino limited edition bottle

“Both brands share a playful attitude that goes against traditional rules in the space; respecting their craft but not taking themselves too seriously. This campaign brings together fashion’s most playful brands and showcases a limited-edition CÎROC bottle customized by Jeremy Scott and we’re elated that this bottle will be available for sale in South Africa” – Suleni Pather, CÎROC Senior Brand Manager.


CÎROC is a truly modern vodka, filled with flavour and style, that brings the celebration to every cocktail and occasion. Laid back or up-tempo CÎROC is at the heart of fashion, music and party celebrations with its confident approach to living in the now.

Unlike typical grain-based vodkas, CÎROC is distilled five times from fine French grapes by Master Distiller Jean-Sébastien Robicquet at the historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux in the South of France.

Robicquet’s commitment to quality and luxury ingredients creates a distinctly fruity taste that bursts to life in the glass. CÎROC vodka was launched in 2003 and the portfolio now boasts the latest innovations in flavoured vodka including CÎROC Pineapple and CÎROC Apple, all part of the wider seasonal flavour range & now pushed the bar by adding to their portfolio a Limited Edition Moschino Bottle design proving why they are the leading Vodka brand on a Global scale.

Lusciously smooth, playfully sophisticated and cheekily against the grain, CÎROC is committed to exquisite taste, quality and a fun-loving lifestyle which is reflected in every bottle.