WATCH: Bonnie Mbuli on what confidence means to her


Actress Bonnie Mbuli got candid about what confidence means to her in an interview with Abigail K. The star shared the video from the two-year-old interview on social media.

Image: Bonnie Mbuli IG

In the 7-minute long clip, Bonnie shared she has learned to define what confidence means for herself. She said in part; “I asked myself this question a couple of years ago about ‘What does confidence actually mean to me? What do I want it to feel like?’ And I made the decision that I didn’t want it to feel like something I put on. I didn’t want it to feel like something I portrayed in order to get away from a deeper feeling of unworthiness.”

She continued; “I wanted to always be confident despite how sad I was feeling that day, how unworthy I was feeling that day. And I realised that the only way I was gonna get to that was through a belief system. Now to create a belief system, a framework within which to exist for myself that despite what happened, what came my way circumstantially, I could always be confident. And for me, it was about a place of stillness, a place of deciding what are the things that are most important to you. What are your values, what values do you hold to you and what about these values makes you want them so much.”

Bonnie shared that she defined these values for herself and they include being honest, diligent, staying true to herself, justice and freedom. She explains that these give her her confidence. She said in part; “That’s a framework for my value system and when I’m holding on to those values in any situation, that’s where my confidence comes from.”

Bonnie Mbuli on what confidence means to her. Take a look at the full interview.

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