Vatiswa Ndara receives immense support following her open letter

Vatiswa Ndara receives immense support following her open letter

Award-winning actress Vatiswa Ndara has received immense support following her open letter to the Minister of Sports, Arts & Culture, Nathi Mthethwa. In the six-page letter, the star called for the regulation of the acting industry to ensure that actors are renumerated for their work.

In the letter, Vatiswa also shared an extract of her contract to reprise her role on the third season of the Ferguson Films produced show, Igazi. The contract read in part:  “Ferguson Films is officially starting iGazi 3 and we would like to offer Vatiswa a global contract for iGazi 3 at R110,000 (before tax) for the duration of the shoot (five weeks).  No limit to calls, first call exclusive to us.”

Vatiswa further broke down what the contract meant. She said in part: “Let me draw the harsh realities o what is actually being said in the aforementioned offer: 1) this amount is yet to be taxed; 2) there is no guarantee of residuals; 30 I am unable to seek further employment until this contract is concluded;4) I will not be compensated for time taken out for work-related activities such as wardrobe fittings, kame-up, and public relations/media interviews and; 5) limitless calls, in case you do not know Minister, means, I could be on set Monday to Saturday for the full 12 hours a day, over the duration of five weeks.”

Vatiswa Ndara receives immense support following her open letter. Here’s a look at the full letter.

Vatiswa has received support from fellow actors and fans on social media. Here’s a look at what they had to say.

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