#TBT – 4 of the best Spykos songs


This week we take a walk down memory lane to a truly crazy time in our country’s history. Through the hilarious cult TV show – The Pure Monate Show – Spykos Delicious became a household name. It all started with comedic skits making fun of the state of the SA music industry and the next thing we knew Spykos was attending award shows and releasing an album.

Here are 4 of the songs that still have us in stitches every time we listen. Which one is your favourite?

1.Siyaswimmer – Pool parties were never the same again.


2. Siyaphema – An interesting take on the salon experience


3. Coolerbox – We’re introduced to the Benoni Hip Hop industry in this random song.

4. Birthday Yam – This forever pt a spin on a boring old classic tune.