Sophie Ndaba shares wedding tips and tricks

Sophie Ndaba

Celebrity wedding planner Sophie Ndaba tells us what it takes to plan a beautiful and decent wedding.

By Bridgette Matjuda

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The wedding season is upon us. So, if you are among those walking down the aisle, take notes from Sophie Ndaba. She says that one of the first things you have to consider is the budget. The going rate for a decent wedding is about R200 000 depending on the number of guests. This also covers the venue, decor, food and drinks. We asked her for tips and tricks on how to plan your big day.

Avoid overspending
1. Planning – A lot of people end up overspending because of a lack of planning. So, take all the time you need to plan properly.
2. Budget – Save towards your wedding because that enables you to have the upper hand. Also negotiate prices.
3. Compare prices – Always have three quotes for everything that you do.
4. Expert advice – Seek guidance from industry experts so that your wedding can go as smoothly as possible.
5. Wedding planner – Consider a wedding planner. This is important as you will have someone to worry about the details while you concentrate on enjoying the moment.

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Hot trends this season
1. Although flowers are big overseas, this is not the case in South Africa. Also, flowers are expensive. So decide whether you can afford them or not, or don’t go overboard.
2. Classic looks such as all-white with a touch of gold or silver.
3. Florals and pastels.
4. Bling will never go out of style. But, make sure that you find the right way to incorporate this without being over the top.
5. There’s a new trend of couples sitting separately from the bridal party. I’m excited that people are warming up to it.

That indoor wedding ceremony!

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What to look out for when dealing with suppliers
Always ask about the breakage and refund policies on everything that you hire. It’s your responsibility to look out for every clause. Also, know the rules of engagement with the venue, such as what you are allowed to do or not. Always negotiate in advance because after the event, suppliers do not negotiate.

When you know you’ve picked the perfect chair for your wedding reception!

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What about welcome drinks?
I like the idea because it’s a gesture by the bride and groom to say, “Thank you for celebrating this day with us.”

What if the bride and groom cannot agree on something?
This is when my expertise comes into play. Say, the bride and groom do not agree on a specific colour idea. I interrupt strategically, and make recommendations that are on trend.

Elegant setting mix for your Wedding Anniversary?

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If you cannot afford a wedding planner
You can create a wedding planner book. Get a 50-page flip file and insert all your ideas and inspirations. Also create a project and timeline plan, and follow them.

Every bride’s emergency kit should have…
1. Safety pins Have more than 10 of these, in different sizes. They can fix anything, from clipping back your lace when it pops out to fixing a zip that unstitches.
2. Wet wipes – These will come in handy when a drink spills on your dress or make-up accidently taints it.