SEE PICS: Thuso Mbedu and Makgotso M takeover Cape Town


Celeb besties Thuso Mbedu and Makgotso M are on a fabulous holiday in Cape Town and we’re clutching our pearls. These young women are the epitome of friendship goals and we take off our hats to their inspirational.

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Take a look at their scenic and charming pics in the Mother City.

The first picture taken was before the plane entererd this massive intimidating storm and the second pic was taken after we SAFELY escaped it. I was scared, especially after we got a warning from the pilot saying that we were about to encounter some turbulence. I still need to marry Trevor Noah (he doesn’t know it yet??), so I can’t die!!! Looking back on yesterday and my supposed near death experience lol, it reminded me of the trials one encounters in life. When u look at a trial coming your way fear grips your heart! I think will I even make it. Then I’m reminded that there’s nothing, no trial, no obstacle, no nothing that intimidates God. It will be Rocky, bumpy and all that but you are going THROUGH it, not chilling, not stuck, but going through, meaning you’ll come out. The second pic doesn’t even indicate that we went through that intimidating storm. Don’t lose heart, stay encouraged, trust God. (I’m really talking to myself lol) #1Samuel17 Side note: HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS THOUGH. Like, woooooow! To think that earth is just a dot in comparison to the whole galaxy.

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Good vibez only✌✌

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WATCH: Get to know Makgotso M better

I saw the glory of God over the last few days and to think that I haven’t seen anything compared to everything that’s around the world blows my mind. A few things were put into perspective from the time we flew in and I’m grateful for each lesson. 1) Perspective. You see the world from where we choose to stand. The possibilities are endless. 2) History. Knowledge is power. Especially as a creative. Our stories are out there for us to tell them. We’ve got beautiful locations to tell them fully. 3) Nature. I’ve been asked on numerous occasions how I was able to work with veterans and not be intimidated. I’ve always shrugged that question off because when we are on set, we’re colleagues. We are humans who play and choose live the greatest truth in that moment. I thought nothing intimidates me. But NATURE y’all. ?? beautiful. Powerful. Majestic. Fierce. I was humbled and rendered speechless and felt unworthy on many occasions. 4) People. Some are friendly. Some are mean. They are the greatest archives. Most just want to be loved. They are the truest, complex beauties. 5) Me. I’m weird. I think and see the world differently. My super power is that I’ve chosen to embrace that. I might not know what exactly it is that I have to offer the world but I know that I’m on the right track. I choose to enjoy this journey even with its ups and downs. I choose to be a curious George with a childlike spirit because it means ultimately, nothing can stop me. With that being said. I must start working towards getting a house in the country, the beach, (the city), and other different parts of the world ????

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