Rami Chuene talks lifestyle and entertainment webinar series


Actress, author, speaker and voice over artist Rami Chuene recently launched her webinar series called Rami Says. She spoke to Fundiswa Nkwanyana about her unfiltered and unapologetic webinar series, and how she is coping with the lockdown.

Image: Rami Chuene IG

I believe in having open and honest conversations about the entertainment industry.  I’m an outspoken person and I enjoy starting impactful discussions. It’s very important for us to have uncomfortable conversations that will help us grow. Before the lockdown, I used to have these talks face to face but now I’ve decided to use social media to continue doing what I love and to reach a larger audience.

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Rami Says is an informative webinar series that discusses the entertainment industry. As a person that’s been working in this sector for many years, I’ve seen it all and I share my experiences and insight in my webinar. I urge people to tune in because I put a lot of things into perspective, so everyone can get to know the entertainment industry better. There are a lot of misconceptions and lack of understanding and sympathy towards artists. I also use this platform to help artists and creatives to know and understand what they’ve signed up for. If we’re not vocal then we’ll end up with a very resentful, bitter and unfulfilled industry. We need to help and educate each other.

The response to my first webinar series continues to be positive. I haven’t received any backlash and people are very receptive and thankful for the lessons I share. This is not the first time I have these conversations and it will definitely not be the last because I’m not afraid to get victimised for telling my truth. I love that the webinar has opened a new way of doing business and for now I’ll be hosting two webinars a month.

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During this lockdown, I’m focusing on work that I can do from home. Before the lockdown I used to be part of coaching sessions and workshops but since that can’t happen anymore, I’m using the internet to continue working. To curb the financial implications of this lockdown I’m now focusing on doing voice overs, translations and transcripts. I’m using this time also to work on my second book. I’m also excited about a new social media platform that’s about to launch soon.

Don’t miss Rami Says on the 28th of April at 4pm on YouTube Live.