Nakhane Touré’s new album

Nakhane Touré

We catch up with singer Nakhane Touré to chat about the music creation process for his new release titled You Will Not Die. By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

It took me four years to create this album. One of the reasons is because
I was busy with other projects, and still trying to discover what I was trying to do musically. I wrote many songs and spent a lot of time exercising my songwriting skills.

Most songs are about my formative years. I took myself back and wrote about my childhood traumas, the churches I grew up in, leaving Christianity, my grandmother and love.

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I love the electronic thread that runs through this offering. I used drum machines and synthesizers, and the album also has some banging uptempo songs. But, because I’m a balladeer at heart, the album also features piano ballads adorned with violins and French horns.

My music creation process is selfish and honest. When I make music, I never think about what the audience will walk away with. Instead, I allow myself to be honest in hope that people will relate to it. This is where being selfish comes in, because it allows me to be honest with myself. I find that people react positively to honesty.

I’m excited about my upcoming album tour in Europe. Now that I live in London, I’ll be touring Europe first. I have a really great band, and my costumes are made by accomplished designer Rich Mnisi. This is an exciting period in my career.

Nakhane Touré’s You Will Not Die is available on Apple Music.