Meet the stars of Vat ‘n Sit


Vat ‘n Sit, a series to look out for on Etv new channels Ekasi+ is about a couple who do all they can to stay together even though their parents do not support their relationship.

We talk to the show’s Director, Mandla N, about the show.


What is the inspiration behind the show?

We were inspired by the success and the relationship dynamics of the old school “love” sitcoms like Everybody loves Raymond. We thought of telling a similar love story within the South African context.

What is the show about?

A man [Trevor Gumbi as “Thomas”] doing whatever he can to achieve wealth in order to gain the affections and acceptance of his girlfriend’s family. He will go to any length and often gets himself into all kinds of ridiculous situations trying to prove that he is worthy of [Liopelo’s character] Mpho’s hand in marriage.

How did you pick the cast?

We auditioned a lot of artists but carefully selected our “star cast”. We picked Trevor Gumbi as he had the potential of rolling out the “Martin Lawrence” crazy character. His talent as a comedian makes this show even more fun, exciting and hilarious! Liopelo’s experience in sitcoms and her looks were a bonus when it came to creating a “Daddy’s girl” character from a wealthy family.

What can the viewer’s expect from the show?

To discover genius acting in a show that exposes the cast’s true potential. The team creates an amazing work packed with a lot of laughter! This is the sitcom of the year 2014!


Trevor Gumbi


I got the role of “Thomas Gumbi”. I can’t explain how great the journey has been so far, it’s been amazing, I am learning from the legends of the game such as Christopher Kubheka and Nyembezi Kunene. The cast includes Diopelo Maphathe, Chumisa Cosa and Bexta Ndabalime. People can look forward to an amazing laugh-a-minute show.

Liopelo Maphathe


The director invited me to the auditions and I got the part. I play a role of “Mpho”, a rich daddy’s girl. The journey has been fantastic so far, it’s my second sitcom. People should expect a fun-packed show about a girl who comes from money settling for much less…all in the name of love!

Christopher Kubheka


I auditioned for a different project and the director loved my work and offered me this role as “Skhumba” on the show. Skhumba is a streetwise broer from ekasi. The journey has been great as I have never done comedy before. I am having so much fun and everything comes naturally. Viewers can expect more laughter in their Kasi language.

Vat ‘n Sit is on ekasi+ every Thursday at 9pm.