#MCM – The incredibly talented Kabelo Mabalane


Kabelo Mabalane talks to us about his acting debut, music and of course the much talked about autobiography, I Ran For My Life.

By: Boitumelo Mmakou

1.Your new album Immortal Vol.3 is out, what can your fans expect from this album?

I have a much more mature sound. I would not call it kwaito or house – I make music that makes me feel good.  I am not necessarily confined to one sound. The single, Matimba, is currently getting on air on all radio stations.

2. You are considered an advocate for promoting African music. Which other artists would you feature to promote African music?

I have worked with Zolani of Freshly Ground before and would like to work with her again. I would also like to work with Zahara as well.

3. You have been in the industry for 19 years, is there going to be a specially tribute for this milestone?

Indeed! Next year marks my 20 years in the industry. I have a special concert coming up!


4. You debuted as an actor on Mzansi Magic’s The Road.  How has it been like tapping into that craft?

After hosting the 2012 South African Music Awards (SAMAs), I had a sudden interest in role playing, which is what I did at the SAMAs. I also got a lot of offers from various shows, but I wanted to be sure about making that move. When the offer to join The Road came, I welcomed it with open arms. I have loved exploring my acting skills and learning from it.

5. You play the gangster on The Road, was it hard to get into character?

My persona changed the moment I got on set. I loved playing the gangster. My character reminds me of my late father and his friends; they had this tsotsi taal that was interesting. It did get a little challenging, but I was lucky to have my wife, who gave me guidance because she has been acting longer than I have.

6. Apart from the acting and music, you are also working on a boot camp; please tell us more about that?

I worked on transforming my body, conforming to a much healthier lifestyle. I now want to inspire others to live this lifestyle.  Kabelo’s Boot Camp is my solution. I am working on building this brand and helping as many people as possible.

7. What’s your advice to those struggling to keep fit and be healthy?

Don’t wait for tomorrow to start working on your weight, or eating healthy… Start today! Invest your time in fitness and preparing the right meals for you. Surround yourself with positive people. It will be hard at first to stay away from junk food, but it will be worth it once you start seeing results.


8. Your tell-all autobiography, I Ran For My Life, is now in stores and is already a best-seller. What can those who have not read the book expect?

I wrote the book in a space of six months with the help of Nechama Brodie. The book is inspirational. I wrote about my drug past, trouble with the law, spiritual journey and share new perspective of life.

9. The crime awareness campaign, Shout, which you started with Danny K, has been working on a new project. Please tell us bit more about this?

We are now building libraries in disadvantaged primary schools in areas where crime is rife. We want to help curb crime by preventing it – the best way to do this is by educating young people.