Maps Tells Us Sweet Something


Maps Mapoyane plays model Nat Masilo on the new romantic movie Tell Me Sweet Something. Could this be a movie that depicts Maps’s real life, or was this a challenging role for him to play?\ Maps-3

Tell us more about Nat Masilo. Can you relate to him?

Nat is a charming model who actually hates being a model, and isn’t into reading. Unlike him, I love reading and am somewhat of a nerd. I will admit to being a bit of a charmer sometimes, but unlike Nat, I love my job as a model.

Guys will relate to Nat’s awkwardness and quirkiness. What is your advice to men who lack confidence?

I’ve been the awkward guy before; in high school, I was always the guy that was just friends with pretty girls. I lived in the friend zone (laughs). Back then, I had not grown into my look and who I am now. That experience taught me to never hold back. Don’t fault yourself for being the awkward guy; embrace it.

Tell Me Sweet Something is a romantic movie like no other. What would you say is the best romantic gesture?

When you’re willing to do anything for someone you love is a great romantic gesture. When you know what makes them smile, angry, and knowing their truest feelings and noticing small things about them counts. Calling or sending them a message to let them know you are thinking about them in the midst of a hectic day is also nice. Maps

There have been rumours of you and Nomzamo dating. Can you confirm the rumours?

People had made their own decision about my relationship with Nomzamo because they perhaps want us to be together. Nomzamo and I are not in a romantic relationship. We have been working on the movie with other people in the industry and all of us developed a relationship; we’ve all grown close to each other as cast members and the entire crew has been like family.

What are your thoughts on love?

Love is beautiful; it doesn’t have to be romantically inclined. Love is unselfish and brings out the best part of you with someone else. *Catch Tell Me Sweet Something in Sterkinkor cinema’s from 4 September.