Man Crush Monday – Vuyo Dabula


He impressed us on Kowethu, but his bad boy character on Generations: The Legacy makes us fall in love with him. We find out if Vuyo is anything like his evil character in the soapie…


How similar are you to Gadaffi?

Well, like him, I too enjoy the good life. And also he can be sweet – underneath all that badness is a good guy who means well. So, people should not be fooled by the image he portrays.

Speaking of image, how do you make sure that people make a differentiation between you and your characters, especially the bad ones?

When playing a character I tap into that side of myself, I take myself to that situation and imagine how I would react. I try to stay true to who I am. So when I am just Vuyo, people should understand that I am not acting!

How do you take care of your physical image?

It is important to take care of yourself. I eat a balanced diet and also visit the gym at least every day.


You had quite a heavy scene when your character Gadaffi hit his wife What are your thoughts on domestic violence?

I think that people who abuse others have a broken background (be it that they were mistreated as children, abused or bullied). To solve the problem, you must then fix the root. I also think that educating people about such issues reduces the chances of it growing.


How do you juggle work and your personal life?

Having a seven-month-old son makes it difficult. But, I try to work and plan ahead, and this often gives me more time to be with him.

What can we expect from you this new year?

I want to nail my character Gadaffi to the tee. I also have a lot I want to achieve business wise, and am looking forward to expanding and networking in the industry.