Man Crush Monday – J’Something


J’Something has scored himself a new deal with one of the biggest food brands. As a new member of the McCain clan, he has put together three tasty meals: his own McCain bunny chow, the Gatsby sandwich and the Kota. We chat to the crooner for 5 minutes about his new deal with the “Slap Chips” maker.

Tell us about your relationship with McCain, will this be contractual, and are there more projects that you are working on with them?

I am very excited to be working with McCain; this has been a great working relationship so far. This came up because they loved seeing me cook. I agreed to work with them because I believed it would be great for both my brand and theirs. I look forward to doing more projects with them. This, however, does not change my relationship with Knorr – I am their brand ambassador and they sponsor my cooking show.

Slap chips are considered fattening and not a great addition to a healthy diet. What’s your take on this?

The most heartless thing you could ever do for yourself is cut out food from your diet. You can eat anything you want to eat, especially McCain slap chips, but just limit the food. I eat everything I want, but I limit the amount of what I eat.

jIs your cooking inspired by any advice you’ve received? If so, please tell us about it?

Yes it does! The best food advice I have ever received was from my mother; she’s always said that when you make food out of love, your meals will be the best of its kind. Food that isn’t cooked well will taste amazing if it was made with love, and if you did cook well, the food will taste scrumptious. micasa

Speaking of love, what would be the best meal for a date?

This would depend on how far we are in a relationship; if I am cooking for you on our first date, I must have really liked you (laughs). Ideally, home-made pasta with a gravy sauce would be a great meal.

You recently had debate on xenophobia on I AM ( a mini-documentary on Vuzu TV). Tell us more about it.

People need to stop caring about what others are doing, but rather do something that will bring change. Share your take on the matter with others; be actively involved on the solution. Be the support that is needed. Take pride in your country by standing against xenophobia and showing that you care. something-J