Becoming her own boss


She’s currently a bus hostess from Pretoria, but Granny has big dreams for the future.

 “I’d love to open a printing and embroidery business and become my own boss,” she says. With her Dawn prize, she can turn her dream into reality. She plans to use the money to study further – she has already completed a short course in business – and learn the ways to start a successful business. AHP_3075She’s hoping that her story will inspire other women. “Printing companies are usually male dominated,” she says, “and that’s why it’s important for me to start one as a woman.”

WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? Cooking and spending time with my family, and being healthy and financially secure.

HOW WILL THE PRIZE INFLUENCE YOUR LIFE? Other than helping me to develop my theoretical knowledge into practical skills, equipping me to start a business and developing my career, the prize is also bound to make a difference in terms of my professional appearance. I just had a baby, so most of my clothes don’t fit anymore, and I don’t have time for my looks now. So the fashion and beauty makeover will help me get my style and groove back. I’m also looking forward to the health and wellness consultation with the dietician to help me get my pre-baby body back.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE DAWN PRODUCT? The Vanilla Milk Body Lotion; I love vanilla, and this smells really nice.


  • CAREER AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Dawn will help and guide Granny in her plans to further her education and training and start her own business.
  • FULL MAKEOVER Granny will receive a full makeover, which includes a shopping spree to give her a new wardrobe, a trendy hair-do as well as a photo shoot.
  • HEALTH AND WELLNESS She will also receive a gym membership and training sessions to help her get back into shape after having had her baby.