Kevin Hart talks about recovery after his accident

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

In his new Men’s Health March cover story comedian and actor Kevin Hart opens up his journey to recovery after his near fatal accident in 2019.

Kevin Hart talks recovery after his accident

He shared an image of the cover and the image of his scar on his Instagram

Kevin who had started running marathons at the time of his accident, suffered three spinal fractures and, says of his recovery, “You want it all in one day… Even now I can’t go and run three miles. I can’t. The reality is, you’re still healing.”

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He also shared the positives he’s learnt during the process, saying in part, “Anything in life where you can start from a ground-zero-like perspective, and get to watch your progress, find new measures of happiness step by step, and get to a point of success—that’s a big bonus,”

You can read the full interview here