Get Nomuzi Mabena’s Perfect Brows


Your eyebrow shape can lift your eyes, widen or even slim your face. Celebrities always have this “I woke up like this” perfect brows. Here’s how it’s done:



A great way to shape your brows is to thread them like Nomuzi Mabena. This will keep them tidy longer and avoid product irritation if you have sensitive skin. Let your natural eyebrow be your guide to shaping them as anything too dramatic can look strange and unnatural.
Beauty therapists use pure cotton thread for this method. Unlike tweezing, threading involves twisting the hairs and pulling them out in a row (instead of single hairs).
Good: You don’t use products that might cause skin irritation.
Bad: You cannot thread short hairs.


Waxing your eyebrows comes with a sharp pain that lasts a few minutes and may leave you red for a few minutes after. You can use wax strips or go to a beauty salon where they use professional, heated wax.
Good: Waxing reduces the regrowth of hair over a length of time and leaves the skin smooth over a long time.
Bad: It is slightly painful and the pain does not go away immediately when done.


Tweezing can also be a bit painful because it pulls hair from the roots. Like most people, you can buy a tweezer and do it at home.
Good: You don’t need a professional to do it and the hair that grows back is thinner.
Bad: Sensitive skin turns red and painful for row others.