Famous family ties


You love them on their own, but did you know who they are related to? We bring you some celebs that have siblings in the industry.

Thuli Thabethe and Yvonne Chaka Chaka


The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree they say, well that is true. These two beautiful and talented women are related. Yvonne is Thuli’s aunt.

Trevor Gumbi and DJ Sphectacula


These two are brothers. Though once mentioned, there is a resemblance between them. Trevor is the oldest.

Anele Mdoda and Thembisa Kani


Thembisa has a familiar face, a face that leaves you thinking you have seen before, that’s because she Anele Mdoda’s sister. Having said that Thembisa has never been the one to ride on her sister’s hustle and success she has earned her own stripes in her own approach.

Professor and Character


Having weird stage names isn’t the only thing they have in common, these two kwaito artists also share parents. Just like the Mdoda sisters, these brothers are famous in their own right; no one is riding on the other’s shine.

Dineo and Manaka Ranaka


Besides the complexity of their relationship, no one can break the bond between Dineo and her sister Manaka Ranaka. These two have always been open about being sisters and are always seen supporting each other.

Zonke and Lulu Dikana


“You know I sometimes I wish my parents were still alive, they’d be proud of us. I feel like God was showing off with us; the wealth of talent that he deposited in our family is unbelievable and it’s not because anybody did anything – it’s the grace of God. There has never been any sibling rivalry whatsoever” says Lulu about their relationship.

The Soil’s Luphindo and Ntsika Fana Ngxanga


“Where we come from, people were forever singing and playing music in our families. They used to take us to church, where there’d be more singing and music, that’s how we decided to form a group and sing together as a family.” say the brothers.
Pictures from Instagram