EXCLUSIVE: Thembi Seete Remembers Lebo Mathosa 11 Years On


Musician and actress Thembi Seete opens up about the beautiful memories she shared with late singer Lebo Mathosa. Lebo died in a tragic car accident 11 years ago. By Bridgette Matjuda

Thembi recalls the events of 23 October 2006, the day Lebo died tragically. She was in Cape Town on set at the time. ”That day felt like a dream. People were calling and asking if I was okay. It only sank in when my friend Jabu Mlotshwa called and said, ‘uLebo usishiyile (Lebo has passed away)’.”

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Thembi flew back to Johannesburg after the shoot, and reality hit her hard. “The tragedy became real when I saw Lebo’s mother on the mattress, mourning. This was the most difficult period of my life.”

She relays how even though this occurred 11 years ago, it still feels like Lebo died yesterday. “I was watching a video of her performing earlier, and all her pictures are timeless. She was way ahead of her time. She was truly gifted, and I miss her a lot.”

Thembi says that she is no longer in pain or cries when she remembers her best friend. ”I’m no longer in pain. They say seeing someone in a coffin brings acceptance. But, I told my mother at Lebo’s funeral that I was not going to have my last memories of her lifeless. So, I chose not to look at her in her coffin. I chose to remember her full of life, energetic, laughing, happy and crazy. When I dream of her, she still moves – a lot.” Thembi says she will forever cherish, honour and celebrate Lebo’s life privately.