Everything you need to know about HHP’s funeral

HHp's funeral

On Wednesday, 24 October the Tsambo family announced the death of their son Jabulani Tsambo, popularly known by his fans as HHP. As condolences and heart warming messages were sent by fans all over social media a storm was brewing.

The memorial service

At a memorial service help at Music Factory (formerly known as Bassline) Lerato Sengadi delivered an emotional speech. While holding back tears, Lerato expressed that she has lost her husband, best friend, comedian, and favourite singer. She also said that she would continue to fight for him in death, as she did during life.

The court case

eNCA reported yesterday, that Tsambo’s customary wife Lerato Sengadi had filed papers to halt HHP’s funeral, and is demanding to know the whereabouts of the deceased remains and that the family return HHP’s hard drives which were taken from his studio.

Tsambo family’s response

Watch the judges ruling on the court case:

Lerato won the case after The South Gauteng High Court ruled that by law, Lerato is HHP’s customary wife on Friday Afternoon.

Judge Mokgoatlhe ruled in favour of Lerato stating that:

  • The customary law act does not make list the “handing over” of a bride as a requirement.
  • The law recognises three requirements for a customary marriage: lobola must be fixed, there must be a celebration and the marriage must be entered into”.

The judge went on to state that HHP’s father, Robert Tsambo’s argument that a bride must be handed over in order for a customary marriage to be recognised is over ruled by the law.

“In my view a customary marriage between the applicant and Jabba was entered.” said Judge Mokgoatlhe.

The funeral

Mourners gathered at the Mmabatho Convention Centre in Mahikeng on Saturday Morning to give HHP a befitting send off. Having received a civic funeral by the North West provincial government, his casket was transported in an official procession by traffic officers and fire fighters from his home in unit 5 to the convention centre. He was laid to rest at the Heroes Acre at Mmabatho Cemetery.


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