Colour My Pride


Although 25 October marks the official Pride Day celebration, which takes place in Johannesburg, the month of October is dedicated to gay and lesbian pride. This is the biggest and ultimately most important month on the gay calendar.


The very first pride month Johannesburg was in 1990, and was later introduced to Cape Town in February1993. It became an officially celebrated homosexual Pride Month in 2001. The month is filled with events specifically celebrating the lives of the gay and lesbian community, taking note of the dignity and diversity of South Africa.



For me, it’s a day we get to celebrate who we are. I am and will always be myself. Often the gay and lesbian community is discriminated and judged. During Pride month we can feel free to be who we want to be.



To me Pride Day, and generally Pride month represents liberation of the gay and lesbian community. We should take pride of who we are. It almost feels like we are renewed, as if we are born again on the day. But no matter what, people should celebrate it the best way they want. On the day, we thought it best to have a Johannesburg Pride parade after party at Park Station, where we had guest performances from the likes of Somizi and Dineo Ranaka. We not only took a moment to honour gays and lesbians we lost in 2014 but also commemorated the life of the late Lebo Matosa who was close to our community.



It’s great that gay people can celebrate and be proud of who they are, without fear of persecution. Most gay and lesbian communities in other countries don’t have that basic right. Although the Johannesburg Pride month came to an end, let us not wait for February or October to take notice of our friends and family members who live proudly as gays and lesbians; but rather, celebrate who they are always. And perhaps this may inspire you to embrace and be proud of yourself too.