Celebs & Their Mothers


Mothers are the best when it comes to free advice; they seem to have the right words for every situation. This is the advice these famous people got from their mothers.


lection-3 My mother told me to pray daily and she always reminded me to treat people the way I would want to be treated.


Thuli-Thabethe My mother always wanted me to continue being who I am regardless of what people say. As a parent, I too tell my child to do the same. I find my mother’s advice useful in my parenting skills.


thapelo-mo “Don’t forget to pray”, she always says. My mother believes in putting God first, and advises others to do the same. Whether you had the flu or lost your car, the first question she’d ask is: “Did you pray about this?”


Andile-featured There is a lot my mother says in her efforts to guide me, but the one that stands out it: “When it comes to love and success, plant a lot of seeds because you never know which tree will grow”.


Boity-Thulo My mother continuously reminded me to be strong and stay firm, and stay true to who I am.


sol-phenduka My mother passed away in 2005, but even long after her death I have used her advice in everything I do. Though she was a single woman, she managed to take me to the best school and give me everything I needed. She managed to survive because she believed that what people think of you is not your business. This has helped me in my career; people tend to judge me or insult me for my looks and my loud personality, but that is their business, not mine.


Bona-Amanda-13696 “Always be you,” she said. This is what has helped me pull through and make it to where I am today in my career.


TIDO2 I am my mother’s only child; she is a single woman. She gave me a lot of advice, but the one thing I learnt from her is to be strong – she is one tough woman who always inspires me.