Celebs’ Hair Tips


Caring for hair is always a concern for women, these celebs share their hair care secrets

Dineo Ranaka – Radio and TV personality 


I always change my hair whenever I get a chance. One minute I’m fringed up and in a blink of an eye, I’m short and fierce. I love extensions. If you have extensions try and avoid heat from hair dryers and electric curlers.

TIP: The less heat, the better, rather use rollers if you want to curl your hair.

Elana Afrika – Actress and Radio personality


I’ve been wearing my hair short again for about a year. My hairdresser recently shared a valuable secret with me: it’s better for your hair to wash it every second day. I rub a little bit of hair oil into my hair wax before applying. I take a small amount and place it in the palm of my hand, along with the wax and mix thoroughly using my thumb.

TIP: In the past I wore a weave and learned the following: Do not relax your hair under your weave, it’s best to keep it natural when wearing a weave.

Thuli Thebethe – Actress


My current favourite style is the Box braids. They’re ethnic, easy to maintain and work well for most African girls. I go to a hair salon every two weeks to wash and get a treatment.

TIP: Always use silicone to detangle hair especially, weaves.

Khanya Mkangisa – Actress and Brand Ambassador for Iman Cosmetics


I wear hair extensions from Decadent Hair Collection – they supply me with Brazilian, Cambodian & Malaysian. I use silicone as a heat protector and for shine. Whenever I take my weave off, I keep my natural hair healthy by oiling and moisturising my scalp & trimming off split ends.

TIP: I maintain my hairline by leaving my own hair out when weaving it.