Celebs On Christmas


Christmas is fast approaching so we caught up with a few celebrities who told us about some of the best gifts they’ve received, and tips on the festive season.

Carmel Fisher, actress and Blow the Whistle ambassador


Best Christmas gift: The best Christmas gift I’ve received was a colourful scribbly drawing from my 6-year-old cousin that she made at crèche. It said “You are the bestest cousin and I love you. Merry Kwismas.”

Christmas tip: The Christmas season is a time for family, peace and festivities. Let’s not forget the true essence of the season and let us be mindful of how blessed we truly are to just be alive. We are also just coming out of the #16DaysofActivism and so let us remember that change starts with us, by taking stands against abuse in our own homes and personal relationships. Be safe on the roads and kind to all.

Kaos, TV personality and Avon ambassador


Best Christmas gift: The best Christmas gift for me was never material things but the annual Christmas lunch prepared by my mother and sister. This will forever remain the best for me.

Christmas tip: With all the festivities and parties don’t forget to sleep, let your body rest from the year it’s had and always pack a toiletry bag in your car with sunscreen and cologne.

Udo Carelse, radio presenter and Philips ambassador


Best Christmas gift: The best Christmas gift I have ever received was at a young age. As a kid it had to be my first ever BMX bicycle, it was a red scorpion with trick handle bars. I was probably 10 years old at the time and the freedom that bike gave me was a pure Kinder Joy.

Christmas tip: Drink lots of water because you know you will be drinking lots of other things. The festive season doesn’t have to be silly, but your health as a priority.

Blayze, musician and Philips ambassador


Best Christmas gift: My best Christmas gift was a simple card, hand written by my grandmother with a R200 note in it. She wants nothing but the best for me, it’s so genuine.

Christmas tip: Keep it clean. Make sure you look fresh. It’s the festive season so have fun, but don’t completely let go of yourself.

Adeola Ariyo Ambassador for Elizabeth Arden


Best Christmas gift: The best Christmas gift I got that didn’t cost much was a little teddy from my boyfriend. We’re in a long distance relationship and I would always spray his cologne on my pillow. So he sent me that saying at least now I have something to spray his cologne on.

Christmas tip:Make sure you have a nice manicure and pedicure.  It’s a festive season, lots of events and parties to attend and a lady has always got to be prepared.

Pictures: Supplied