Catching up with radio’s best driver, DJ Sabby


After six years in the radio industry, Sabelo Mtshali, better known as DJ Sabby, has scored a drive-time slot at YFM.

By: Boitumelo Mmakou

 1.You’ve been moved from your midday slot to do the biggest show of them all, what does this mean to you?

It means growth, and it’s honestly been a long time coming. I have wanted to do the drive time for the longest time, and had to be patient with God. I am excited to be hosting the show now. The show is called ’The Best’ Drive because I am the best. Because the show is between 3pm and 6pm, you can tune in on your way home from work, and catch up with what’s happening in the world. It’s relaxing, leaving you stress-free.

2. You have been with the station for six years; do you plan on leaving anytime soon?

YFM has helped me find my voice. I am a part of the station’s target market and can relate to it. This means I will stay with it for as long as I can relate to it.

3. There are often assumptions people make about YFM, for example some of the shows tend to be juvenile, making it the cool kid’s station. What’s your take on this?

There are different shows and personalities at the station. The station caters for different types of people. Should you be listening to a show and can’t relate to it, then perhaps you should find another show on the station that answers your questions and does things according to your standards.

4. Often DJs will speak about the radio persona. What exactly does this mean?

As soon as the on-air button is turned on, you need to do your job. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through. When you’re on radio, you need to be ready for your listener. My way of dealing with this is to separate Sabelo Mtshali from DJ Sabby, the fun, open, crazy and no-nonsense guy.


5. You are open about your relationship on social media. Do you ever have regrets about sharing your personal space and relationship with your partner?

If you love something and it makes you happy, you want to tell the world. The same way I’d tell the world how happy my job makes me, I want people to know how happy my girlfriend makes me.

6. You have done a number of TV presenting jobs and advertisements, is there more we can expect from you in the media industry?

Right now, my focus is on motivational talks at various schools across the country, which I want to expand to tertiary institutions. I also have a number of digital TV projects lined up, but I can’t say much about them yet.