Catching up with Nomuzi Mabena


Nomuzi Mabena has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, holding the title of television presenter and rapper. In 2012, Nomuzi, famously known as Moo-zlie, signed a contract with one of the biggest music channel brands. This put her on the map as one of the country’s hottest emcees. Fast-forward three years later, Moo-zlie is now one of VUZU’s and Mzansi’s most talented rappers. She talks about her transition from doing one thing to mastering two.

By: Boitumelo Mmakou

1.Was it hard for your fans to get used to seeing you on a different channel, considering that MTV Base was more of a music channel than an entertainment channel?

I spent three years at MTV Base. When I left, I had already reached my peak and was getting too comfortable – something I don’t like doing. My fans need to understand that. Becoming a part of has given me the opportunity to try something different and challenge myself again. I love doing segments and hosting the V-Entertainment show, many of my fans are too.


2. Many people call you the kid with that x-factor, what’s your take on such comments?

I know that some people see your work, personality and character, and complain about it. But I get the job and am living my dream because I keep it real. I’m all about the spice to make things interesting. I am a joyful person, and am able to sustain my career because of that.


3. Of all the places you have travelled to because of work, which has been your best?

I can’t give you one. So, it would have to be three:

Los Angeles – I went there for the MTV Music Video Awards (VMAs). There was just this epic centre of global entertainment and huge celebration of music. After that, I was inspired to think big and take big steps.

Dar es Salaam – I went with a close friend of mine. The city is a pool of serenity and everyone gets along, visiting it opened my mind to a different energy and culture.

New York – I went there to shoot a Puma advert with Maps Maponyane. Being at Times Square, seeing the lights gave me the will to make my career bigger than it is.


4. Let’s address your unique hair and beauty style as well as body care…

When it comes to the hair, I have never had hair this long. I treat it every two weeks and relax it once a month. I don’t spend too much time with my face; I use basic soap for washing. As for my body, dancing is my way to keep fit because it’s fun. I find it easier to do than going to the gym.


5. You got into rapping last year, how did this come about?

I have always been on stage, and my friends in the music industry encouraged me to try doing rap music. Once I did, I couldn’t stop. I got signed to CashTime family, but decided to leave and handle things on my own.


6. There may be other young women who relate to your kind of personality and want to live their dream as rappers; what can you advise them?

Although I was signed to a label before, I was still independent to do my own work. However, now I handle all costs. I have the conversations with clients, and handle meetings my PR or record label would do for me. I book and pay my own studio time. It’s expensive, but I am fortunate to have the finances to invest in the project. You will need to put in the money to get more out of it, regardless of how costly it may be. Be innovative and think out the box.


7. How do you make sure you nail every bar in a rap song?

I am constantly writing music, no matter the mood I am in. It works better when there is a beat, but it’s always good to be prepared as well.