Catching up with Laduma Ngxokolo


Laduma Ngxokolo is an awarding-winning designer, proud founder of the incredible Maxhosa by Laduma brand, and a cultural activist who creates Xhosa-inspired knitwear.

He chats to us about is inspiration, success and future plans.

By: Fundiswa Nkwanyana

1. My late mother,
Lindelwa Ngxokolo, was a knitwear designer and I’m honoured to be continuing her legacy. She was a proud Xhosa woman who sparked my interest in design and knitwear from an early age. She also inspired me to be creative and proud of my culture. This is why my life is about taking my Xhosa-inspired knitwear to the world.

2. After living and studying in London for a few years, I’ve decided to settle down in Johannesburg.
I love the creative energy and drive that flows in the city, and want to be a part of it. I also want to localise my brand and make it more accessible to the South African market. Walking down the street and having conversations with city dwellers continues to be an informative and inspiring experience.
3. I’m excited to host countrywide empowering initiatives such as the Laduma Design Business talks with Chivas Regal. The aim is to empower South African design entrepreneurs with the knowledge that will help them grow their businesses. This is important to me because I love sharing tips on how I managed to break into the international market.

4. I will continue to engage in revolutionary dialogue about culture in the modern ages.
I’m concerned that black people seem to be forgetting their rich heritage, and adopting western cultures instead. My brand will continue to design Xhosa-inspired modern knitwear clothing that showcases my heritage.