Caster Semenya wins another round in IAAF battle

Caster Semenya wins another round in IAAF battle

Caster Semenya has won again in her bid to stop the IAAF from forcing her to take drugs to reduce her testosterone levels in order to compete. This comes after the Swiss Supreme Federal Court rejected the athletics’ governing body’s urgent request to reinstate the regulation against female athletes.

Image: Caster Semenya IG

A statement from her lawyers revealed that even with this news, Caster is still unable to participate in some competitions.

It said in part; “She was notified on June 11 that the president of the Moroccan Athletics Federation has denied her participation in the 800m in Rabat. Caster is currently seeking clarity on the specific reasons for that decision, and she urges the IAAF to ensure its member federations comply with the law and the Supreme Court’s orders of May 31 and June 12.”

Caster also shared the impact this case and the IAAF has had on her carer saying in part; “No woman should be subjected to these rules. I thought hard about not running the 800m in solidarity unless all women can run free. But I will run now to show the IAAF that they cannot drug us.”

Caster Semenya wins another round in IAAF battle. Congratulations!