Candy Tsamandebele goes independent

Candy Tsamandebele goes independent

Award-winning musician Candy Tsamandebele has gone independent and is set to release her new album, Still Here, independently. The star was previously signed to Kalawa Jazzmee where she released two successful albums.

Image: Candy Tsamandebele IG

Still Here will drop on 10 April 2020 and features notable artists such as Mafikizolo, Clement Maosa and Cedric Tsongaboy.

Speaking on the move, Candy shared in part; “Oscar, who is one of the few people who fully understand the state of the music industry in South Africa, is always giving advice formally and informally. He once said to me that as an artist you must fully understand what you are doing to avoid being frustrated, signed or not. and you must build and maintain relationships with useful people in and out of the music industry, as you are who you are because of people. He boosted my confidence; I will forever be grateful.”

Candy Tsamandebele goes independent. We can’t wait to hear her new album!