Boity Thulo – The New USN Ambassador


Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN) has unveiled TV personality and actress, Boity Thulo, as its newest ambassador. She joins the likes of current Miss South Africa, Marilyn Ramos and Olympic Gold medalist Cameron van der Burgh as South Africans who are proud to be associated with one of the world’s leading sports and lifestyle supplements brands.

Boity talks to us about her new deal


 How do you feel about your new venture?

I am beside myself with excitement. I feel very honoured and grateful to be a part of such an incredible brand.

What does this mean for you and your career?

I feel this will give me an overall sense of confidence and allow me to be at my best, all the time. Being in the spotlight can sometimes be challenging, especially when dealing with negative criticism, however, I feel good in my own body. I am happy with the way my body looks at the moment, and USN allows me to maintain that level of confidence through the use of their products.

How has the journey been so far?

Luckily, I am generally a fit and healthy person. I gym at SWEAT1000 as often as possible and eat a high protein and low fat diet, so overall it has been a smooth and happy journey. There are a few things I would like to change such as my sweet-tooth, but I am happy with the way things have gone and I look forward to the future and going forward with this wonderful brand. Things can only get better from here onwards, and I believe I have the right mind set and attitude to go forward on this journey!

What can people expect from you as the USN ambassador?

I would like to encourage others to look into the USN products and find products that suit them and their body needs. I am a loud and proud supporter of USN and want to encourage people to start using USN products, which in my opinion is a long-term investment for a healthier mind and body. I am sure you will see me out and about, at various USN events, but my main focus would be to try set a good example for everyone, and if I can help and motivate at least one person to adopt a healthier lifestyle, then I will be happy!