Boity Thulo is joining Rhythm City


Our gorgeous September 2016 cover, Boity Thulo is joining Rhythm City. The Club 808 presenter will play a feisty and very confident radio personality called Luscious Lu.

According to Etv, Boity believes her fans will see a very different side of her through this role.

“I’ve always played sweet, innocent characters that people assume I am,” she says. “This character is going to allow me to show people that I also have a bitchy side, just like everyone else.”

“I’ve never worked with a lot of the actors on Rhythm City so this is going to be a whole new space for me. I also feel like I haven’t acted in a while so I have to work extra hard to be ultra-prepared.”

Her character will debut on the show on the 10th of April. Will you be watching?

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