Alicia Keys opens up about struggling to find herself

Alicia Keys opens up about struggling to find herself

Grammy award-winning musician and author Alicia Keys opened up about struggling to find herself in her new autobiography, More Myself. The star shared that it’s been a lifelong battle to find and live her truth.

Image: Alicia Keys IG

Alicia said in part; “I was building my life around this image of perfection, and it was really oppressive. I was clearly a woman who wanted to talk about truth and empowerment and strength, but when I really looked at myself, I realized that my whole life I’ve kind of been putting on a mask.”

She added that her father’s absence in her life also contributed to her struggle. She said in part; “For me, a seed of worthlessness was planted in childhood. As well-intentioned as Craig was, and as much as he was dealing with in his own life, his absence impacted me in ways I’m still uncovering. It left a hole in me.”

Alicia explained that her mother tried tirelessly to fill her hole saying in part; “’You’re the best of both worlds,’ my mother would often remind me. And she was right. Yet since my mother understood that America would compel me to choose, she raised me with an awareness that’s still intact: I am a black girl.”

Alicia Keys opens up about struggling to find herself. Here’s a look at her book.

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