6 men who have the hottest legs


We share our favourite male celebrities who show off their hot legs. From DJ Fresh, Beast and the likes of Maps, this is something for the ladies to enjoy.

By: Keletso Modisakeng 

Leg exercises are important as they provide the base for your strength and make your physique strong. Your legs are the foundation of your body and without strength in them your body is imbalanced and can literally collapse. Leg exercises will work your gluts, quads, hamstrings, thighs and calves. These men have nice legs to show off.


The envy of most men and women, Somizi’s legs are proof of the hours he puts in at the gym. He has never been shy to show off his workout routines and diet plans.


After work!!! #legitxboity mood

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2. DJ Fresh

The tattoos take all the credit on this one. DJ Fresh has always shown his love for ink and his legs are covered in it. Is that a pink flower we spotted on his thigh?


Welcome to @topboxgym mr @djfreshsa #5fm #fitness #boxing #easywork #djs

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3. DJ Milkshake

A few years ago DJ Milkshake took a turn for the better and started doing a lot of exercising, and this is the proof that he has not stopped. ‘Legs of thunder’ have a new home and it’s with Milkshake.



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4. Siv Ngesi

Proudly South African J, Siv is clearly a full package.


5. Maps Maponyane

What would an eye candy list be without Maps on it? He is the kind of guy you want to take home for your family to meet.



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6. Tendai “Beast” Mtawarira

Rugby boys are known for their legs and Beast takes the trophy on this one.


Doing something for the underprivileged kids :))#slippersreachforadreamcpaign#greatcause#

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Exercise: Squats

Target: Gluts (buttocks), hips, hamstrings, thighs, quads,

Benefits: Strengthens bones and ligaments

How to:

  • (A) Begin in a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart, and your arms up and straight in front of you.
  • (B) Point your toes outwards then lower your hips while bending your knees into a sitting position.

Reps: For effective results, begin with 50 repetitions of this exercise then increase the numbers by 10 daily after a week.

Tip: Your knees must not pass your toes as your bend, and your back must remain straight and not rounded. Do not drop your arms until you’ve done all the reps.