5 Mins With SOLO


We chat to hip hop artist, SOLO, about his music career.

Who is SOLO?

Solo is a Johannesburg-based hip hop artist. I’m a lyrical rapper who paints pictures with words.

How did you get the name SOLO?

I came up with the name Solo back in primary school. I would rap with the older kids who were all a part of a clique, but I was alone, hence the name Solo. Also, Solo, by definition, means a musical piece that is not assisted by anything else. When I started working on my own music and writing, I did it with no assistance.


When and how did you get into the industry?

Initially, I shadowed artists. I used to shadow Slikour for the longest time. I then put together a mixtape called “No Shades of Grey” and I put it on my website. I only had it up for six months. Later, I found out that Kabomo heard the mixtape and was a fan. I sat down with him a few times, and roughly 6 months later, he offered to sign me to his label, Grey Dreaming.

Please describe your sound to us.

Honestly, my sound is evolving. It continues to evolve with every new song I make and every new project I start. The message, however, remains constant. It’s a window in to my journey as it unfolds.


You won Best Newcomer at the SA hip hop awards, what does this award mean for you and your career?

Winning the Best Newcomer award at the SA Hip Hop Awards was very affirming for me. I didn’t expect the impact to hold such weight mentally. It also meant that a lot more people started to pay attention. This made me work at polishing everything related to my music and my brand. My team had to put in a lot of work. They were prepared for all of this.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently wrapping up my next offering. I’m also working very hard on putting together a very unique and ground breaking live performance with my band, The Dream Catchers.

What can we expect from you this year?

This year, expect more music. Expect a new project as well as a lot of features and performances. I am basically using this year to cement the foundation I laid in 2014.