5 Mins With Rorisang Of Muzart


Rorisang Thandekiso tells us about her job with Muzart and other activities that keep her busy.

We know you as the leading lady of Muzart, but music isn’t your only profession. What other jobs do you have?

I work very closely with a Nigerian oil company. I’m also a television producer, public relations officer for various television shows in Nigeria and I am a presenter for One Gospel. However, for the most part, I am focused on the music; the group and I are currently working on an album – this is where my heart is right now.

Speak of Muzart, you are the only women in the group. How are you able to find your voice among the men?

It took time for me to find myself within the band. I have had to build up a lot of courage and be very confident. In the beginning, I would hold back my feelings and opinions, but I have slowly found it easier to communicate with them. They also had to adjust to having me around and it took time for them to learn my behaviour and get used to the way I do things.

How do you manage to juggle all the work that you do without disappointing anyone?

I used to consider myself a jack of all trades, but I wasn’t able to master it all. When you do many things, something is bound to fall back. I have learnt to balance by being honest with the people I work with. Once you tell people the truth and explain yourself, they will give you all the time and support you need. After I told the band that I still want to work on TV, they understood and helped me where they could. _PTR6184

Your style is pretty unique, how would you define it?

I am a serious sneaker head; I prefer them than 10-inch heels. I go for comfort – that is what works for me.

Now what’s next for Rori?

Apart from the album, I am also working on a sisterhood project. It will be a camp I will be hosting later in the year, which aims to empower children. I am also working on an interesting book with the theme, “I wish someone told me…”. I hope that this book will connect people and remind them that they are not alone in their struggles. Read more about Rorisang Thandekiso in our September issue! Side note: Two band members have left Muzart, leaving only Rorisang, Tazzy Lehutso and Refetse Chauke.