5 Mins With Goliath & Goliath


Goliath and Goliath chat about how humour has everything to do with hosting the Royalty Soapie Awards.


As hosts of the Royalty Soapie Awards, what can we expect?

Jason: Expect glitz and a lot of humour – only the best entertainment! This is going to be very different to all the other awards – it won’t be the usual generic set up you have always seen. The design of the stage on its own will be something original.

Donavan: There is edge to this one, and as Jason said, it has been modernised. Viewers will enjoy watching.

Do you guys have a favourite character of you own from any of the soapies?

Jason: I’m not big on the soapie world but I have been watching Isibaya in support of fellow comedian Celeste Nthuli; she’s a great actress.

Donovan: I barely get the chance to watch television. But when I do, I enjoy Isibaya; I just love everything about the soapie, from the cinematography to the content. I also try catch up with 7de Laan and will once in a while check out Generations: The Legacy.

Would you consider a career in acting?

Jason: I just wouldn’t have the time to commit myself to acting; it is not possible. Although I have done a few cameos there and here, comedy is my passion.

Donovan: I have had a cameo on Isidingo but, like Jason, I prefer comedy.

Your Aweh Mzansi tour launches at The Lyric at Gold Reef City on 2 April. Could you tell us what this event is all about?

Jason: This will be a creation of our very first DVD. All our fans from across South Africa will get the chance to witness the fun. We will be on sharing the stage with our close friends who are part of the line-up. This includes comedians Richelieu Beaunoir, Alfred Adriaan, Nicholas Goliath and, of course, myself and Donavon.

Please confirm this with us – are the two of you related or is it just ironic that you share a surname?

Jason: Well, Nicholas Goliath and I are cousins. Jason and I, however, have no relation. But we are the best of friends, and we have become more like brothers.

Donovan: We have actually stopped telling the story of how we aren’t related… (Laughs) instead we just lie and tell people we brothers.

How did you then meet?

Jason: We met three years ago at a comedy event and immediately clicked.

Donovan: We had always heard of each other through mutual friends, but it wasn’t after we had met that we became friends. We had tried to figure out if we were related or not but we found no links. This is why we go by Goliath and Goliath because we are of two different families.

Has comedy been something you had always wanted to do, or do you have other talents?

Donovan: I use to be a creative director at an advertising agency before my stand-up comedy career took off.

Jason: I had a bit of an adventure, and worked in various places which include working in sales, and being an insurance broker before I realised that comedy was my thing.

The comedy industry is growing fast. What tips do you have for upcoming comedians?

Jason: It is a challenging world. The young talent needs to be committed and do it for the love of it. When we first started it wasn’t about the money, but more about the passion. Also, remember to be funny.

Donovan: You need to work hard at it. Find your unique voice and don’t let anything distract you or push you away from your style. The new generation of comedians is lucky because they have so many platforms to do research; it is easier for them to find out what makes society tick, and what could make their crowd laugh. But, the new generation has this as a disadvantage because their resources could influence their comedic style. So they must remember to always stay true to who they are in this tough industry.

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