5 Mins With DJ Milkshake


He is a basket baller, social soccer slayer, golfer and all-in-all active guy. However, what he is known to do extremely well is host a hip-hop show and be the life of the party at events. He tells us about music and Oh Ship 4. MILKSHAKE (533x800)

You’re a presenter for one of South Africa’s biggest radio stations. Is this something that you had always wanted to do?

Yes, it was always part of the plan to be on radio. It’s such an amazing experience. I couldn’t have imagined it any other way.

As a DJ, your work life becomes your social life. Have you separated the two? How do you balance things?

It’s interesting because I am the same person throughout. I guess over time I’ve learnt to manage everything better without changing who I am at any point.

Dj Milkshake 2Ship cruises are nothing like one-night DJing on the decks. What are the key essentials every DJ should have and know when working at Oh Ship?

They should have a towel ready for slight mishaps in the DJ booth, sunglasses because they’ll be constantly taking pictures, and an open personality, of course.

Which three local artists are definitely going to be part of your set during Oh Ship 4?

I don’t have a top three, because I love all the South African hip-hop music that’s out right now.

Dj MilkshakeWhich three international artists are going to be part of your set?

That’s easy: Drake, Kanye West and Future.

As a guy with a sense of style, what would you say are the key items a guy should bring on Oh Ship?

Shorts, vests and shades – without a doubt!