5 Mins With Dawn Matthews


Scandal! actress and Royalty Soapie Award nominee Dawn Matthews talks to us about her nomination as the most outstanding villain.


How are you feeling about your nomination?

I’m really thrilled!

What does this nomination mean to you and your career?

The recognition for your work is a marvellous compliment.


Were you expecting the nomination?

Not at all.

How do you feel about your role as a villain?

It’s always a fun character to play.


How do people react in the streets/malls since you have been playing a villain?

I’ve played this character for a while now, so people have become used to Shakira and me as Dawn. People are generally very nice to me.

If you win, what will it mean to you and your career?

Some bragging rights, and as for my career… I’ve been in it for a while now, so it’s just the cherry on top.