5 mins with Stephanie Sandows


The 25 year-old television presenter and actress gives us details about her career and love for the media industry.

By: Boitumelo Mmakou

1.How did the role on Scandal! come about?

Long before I was a TV presenter of the children religious show, Bonisanani, I was interested in acting. As part of my practical for my postgraduate course at the University of Johannesburg, I worked with the Scandal! production team – helping do subtitles. During that time, I was asked to be an extra, then to do more cameo roles. Before I knew it, I was a part of the drama series on a regular basis.

2. This is your first acting role, how has it been so far?

Nerve-wracking! However, being on set makes me love it more. It’s a challenge, but I love being a part of the show.

3. Do you and your character Ingrid Stephanie, have any similarities?

Yes, we do have a lot in common. We’re both humble, down to earth and work hard to make things work out. However, there are some differences. Ingrid is two-faced and feisty; I am not as intense as she is.


4. You are currently doing your postgraduate degree, what are you studying?

I am doing my master’s degree in applied linguistics, focusing on social linguistics. I love the science of language and am trying to see how that can be incorporated in the South African media. As part of my study, I want to find out how a TV show or series can be influenced by my language. As a result, this can prove the role of culture in what we watch.

5. Many people who want to take up linguistics are never sure about its benefits? May you please share some?

There is definitely a fruitful career in linguistics. Once I am done with my studies, I would like to get into consulting with TV shows, such as Scandal! and others, advising them on what to do to improve their viewership.

6. What can we expect from you in future; the linguistics route or superstar actress profile?

At the moment, I am focusing on completing my studies. I love being in front of the camera, though I never expected it to happen, and would love to do more acting roles and make it a profitable career.