5 Mins With Sdumo Mtshali


He plays Kuti Daniels on Tempy Pushas – a young man trying to find himself. He gives us five minutes of his time to tell us about Kuti and his life as Sdumo, as well as his return to Isibaya.


You are considered one of the best actors in the country how do you make sure you perfect your character?

You can never be perfect at acting; I always strive for excellence. I still hate watching myself act because I am my worst critic. This is only because I want to improve what I do.

Achieving your goals is never easy (watching Tempy Pushas proves just how much the challenge is). How do you overcome the challenges of trying to reach your goals?

First, you have to accept the challenge, then tackle it as an experience. That is what I do.


What advice would you give to those who wish to follow in your footsteps when it comes to fitness and health?

There is no right or wrong image. I do have to look a certain way for my character. For example, for Sbu on Isibaya I had to train at the gym and build muscle because Sbu is a tough guy. For other characters I play, that may not be necessary.

When you are not making sure you nail every acting scene you take part in, tell us what you do for fun?

I love what I do, so I am always working. In my spare time, I watch different movies to learn from other actors. I also hang out with other actors, including my co-stars in Tempy Pushas, Pallance Dladla and Akhumzi Jezile.


Rumor has it that you are headed back to Isibaya. Can you confirm this?

Yes, indeed. I will be back on Isibaya, but at the moment we are still finalising my contract.