5 Mins With DJ Jazzy


DJ Jazzy is making big waves in the radio industry. He tells about his career and future projects.


How did you get into radio?

Many moons ago a friend of mine played for a big radio station in Gauteng; he used to allow me to accompany him to some of his live shows. I loved watching how he used to connect with his audience, and control the music and direction in which he wanted them to go. He use to have this relaxed mode which he shifted into whenever he was on air. This made me fall in love with the concept of creating this character that no-one can see but only hear, my passion grew there for a different side of what I really do.

Tell us about your show, The House Party?

My idea was to keep the show old school, with a touch of the latest music and adding a bit of my remix productions. The show is never prepared. I go with the flow and sometimes I adapt my show based on the responses I get on Twitter, Facebook and the SMS line. I love accommodating young and old people. I am still trying to find a definition for the show as every week leads me into a new path. Every week people ask if I prepare the show and no one believes me when I say no.

What do you love about radio?

Radio has that magic that can change anyone’s mood. You can touch anyone’s heart and soul by just playing music on a timeline that leads them into this journey. I believe that radio truly shows the essence of storytelling and this could be interpreted via music, news, entertainment etc.


Working in the radio industry gives you the chance to listen to music all the time. What genre is your favourite?

I was brought up and exposed to a wide variety of music, and as the years went by I experimented more with all genres, 70s and 80s, jazz, soul, hip hop, Dutch house, electro, rock, fusion, kwaito, blues, swing, Afrikaans, reggae, Latino… the list is so long. If I have to choose one it has to be South African music. I’m a musician and I believe our local talent can stand up around the world.

Do you have other work apart from radio?

Yes I have a few; I own a small record label Take Over Records. The company is still small and have started signing up DJs, singers and releasing their music to the world. I also have a small production label in which I do music production/mastering. I also own a small online DJ Equipment Store that gets me into trouble all the time as some believe my prices are too good to be true. Please note I have described all my companies as small! We’re still growing!

What do you do in your spare time?

I have two bulldogs and they take up a lot of my time – I love it. If I still have a gap I sit in studio and make music and remixes. My remixes have gained me a small fan club on Facebook so entertaining them brings me great pleasure.

The stereotype is that Jacaranda is only for Afrikaans speaking people, how have you broken this stereotype?

This one is simple; I do so through the music. I once went to a three hour show where they were only speaking Portuguese but as soon as the music went on, I forgot about the language. That’s the beauty of music, it speaks one language. I have never thought of challenging the stereotype as I believe that the music will make up. We have over 2 million listeners from different cultures, ages and backgrounds but it’s the music that unites us all!

As a young person, how do you make sure that the station not only caters for very grown up people, but also the youth?

Jacaranda actually plays music that caters to a wide variety of tastes, ages and genres. We play all the current tunes but everyone loves music from the 80s. They have a great team working behind the scenes that is young, creative, talented and as diverse as South Africa is. If you listen, the elderly, Afrikaans thing isn’t true at all.

As the host of a music specific show who would you say is the artist we should be looking out for?

Honestly I travelled to few destinations around the world and everyone gives me the same answer, I would love to meet The Groove Master DJ Jazzy D.