5 Min With Sophie Ndaba


On 7 August, we’ll be marking ‘Slipper Day’, when we are all encouraged to help a child with a life-threatening disease make their dreams come true. The initiative was implemented by Reach For A Dream, a non-govermental organisation that gives hope to children with different illnesses, by selling ‘Slipper Day’ stickers for R 10.00 at all Wimpy outlets. Sophie Ndaba tells us more.

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How did you get involved with the Reach For A Dream Foundation?

I was approached by the foundation to take part. I agreed because I believe in the initiative; it goes hand in hand with what I stand for, which is the protection and support of children. I have a number of my own foundations that coincide with the organisation.

As someone who has her foundations, what advice would you give to people who wish to start up their own non-governmental organisations?

People think that money is the solution to the problem, but it really isn’t. Start up the foundation without focusing on the money. Once your heart is in the right place, the money will then follow. Be patient with getting help.

How can people contribute to the Reach For A Dream foundation?

I urge people to go on the website (http://www.reachforadream.org.za/) to see how they can contribute; there are many ways to take part in helping, if you do not have the money you can always help in other ways.