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From TV presenter to a cooking guru, Lorna Maseko is making waves in the culinary world. She shares some of her beauty secrets on how she manages to have a sun-kissed glow at all times.

By: Grace Mantjiu

1. What beauty trick do you swear by?

You can never go wrong with lashes and eyebrows, no matter how much make-up you have on. It’s unfortunate that the majority of black women have short lashes, so rely on extensions. But, they work wonders. You can have a bare face with no make-up, but these tricks will complete the look for you.

2. You work long hours on set, with heavy make-up on; how do you keep your skin healthy?

I believe in facials; they are not treats, but an essential need. You don’t have to always book a spa appointment to do them. Just make your own mask at home to nourish your skin. I let my skin breath from make-up when I am not on set. I also tweak my daily routine by including things such as a good facial scrub.

3. How do you keep your make-up looking good throughout the day, especially on your cooking show?

I have an amazing make-up artist who makes sure that I look great at all times. A greater part of looking good comes from the inside; I am doing what I love and not trying to be just another cooking show that looks like the rest. I am happy, and that plays a role in my glow. A good make-up setting spray also does the trick.

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4. Seasonal changes come with skin and hair issues; how do you maintain yours?

I don’t only focus on taking care of my hair and skin during seasonal changes; I do this all-year round. Small things, such as a daily routine and being consistent, are crucial. Your skin needs a break from time to time, and we all need those days where we walk out and say “I am pretty without make-up”, and just be.

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5. Any embarrassing beauty moments?

It was rather a bad choice. I put my trust on a make-up artist whose work turned out to be bad, and only saw this on TV when it was too late to change it.

6. What advice do you have for our readers?

Know what works for your skin and hair. This is because what works for your friend won’t necessarily work for you. Also, give your skin a break from make-up; bare skin is the new trend.