The Older Side Of Beauty


The founder of Head to Toe Make-up and Hair Styling School, Aliki Zanolin, shares some make-up tips and tricks for ageing skin.


Skin care

Skin comes first and a good skin regime is key. The better you take care of your skin, the less make-up you will need.


No moisturiser is going to make your wrinkles or fine lines disappear, but applying a primer before putting on foundation will fill the lines on your face.


Choose the right foundation for your skin tone to have a unified skin. Your skin tone changes seasonally – you might be a bit lighter in winter than in summer.


Avoid wearing pastel lips as these are shades for the younger crowds. Dark, rich tones will work well with matured skin.


Use a pencil to line your eyes to create definition instead of liquid or gel liners as they can be harsh on ageing eyes.


Add a flash of colour to your cheeks by using blush, but be careful not to overdo it. Highlighter on the cheek is awesome to enhance the areas you want; however, on skin that has wrinkles, it can make the lines more visible. Try using a mineralise blush as a highlighter so there is not too much shimmer.