The Sweet Escape


Last weekend (1 & 2 November) our online editor got to spend her weekend at the Valley Lodge and Spa in Magaliesburg with a group of ladies for the mom-me-time event hosted by Asanda Maku. She shares her 5 best things she did and enjoyed at the Valley Lodge and Spa.


On arrival to the hotel, you are met by nature and beautiful scenery of lush trees, fresh air and clear skies. The moment I entered the gates, my hourly deadlines at work, chasing after stories from writers or any other responsibility for that matter were a distant memory.



On arrival we were met and greeted by the warm Bosele Mogamisi who was hosting us alongside Asanda Maku. She then took us to the relaxing room where the other moms where. Since the event was a mom’s time out event, it was only natural to talk about everything else but motherhood… but no, the minute we saw each other, we started talking about birthing experiences and all things children. But that was only for introduction though because as the day proceeded, the conversations went from children to marriage to mistresses… PROPER GIRL TALK!!!



There are 76 individually decorated bedrooms and suites, some with fireplaces. I didn’t get the one with the fire place but the one I got was just as great. My room was facing the lake so in the morning I was woken by birds chipping and some animals running around… a contrast to the hooting of cars and pollution I am used to waking up to when I am at my place in Johannesburg CDB.



I didn’t do any of the daredevil activities and chose to bask in the glory of simply doing nothing and lazing about (in my swimsuit by the heated pool and Jacuzzi). But if you are an adventure junkie, there are things like walking trails, tennis and even gym. But I would never go to a place like the Valley Lodge and Spa to go to a gym, while I can chill in the Jacuzzi? I don’t know anyone who would. Even the other ladies would agree with me because we were all clamped in one place… THE JACUZZI. I guess the only thing adventurous we did was take selfies with the wild life animals there. That does count as adventurous right?



Personally I do not like to be touched (my friends think I am weird, maybe I am) but as soon as I saw the spa, I was one of the first groups to get their treatments. I am so glad I did. I received a back, neck and shoulder massage from the softest hands ever. I do not regret my decision for getting myself pampered, it’s been three days since I received my massage but it feels like I just had it now.




Just when I thought it was over and my day couldn’t get any better after my spa treatment. We went to our rooms to pack up and get ready to check out… though I knew the ladies (Asanda and Bosele) had planned a picnic, I didn’t know how great it would be. To end our weekend, we got serenaded by Ziyon’s smooth voice at the Magalies River.

Of course where there are ladies, there will be beautiful cocktails and wine 



Ziyon entertaining us




Picnic-ladieswild lifePicnic-food



I would personally like to thank Bosele Mogamisi, Asanda Maku, the Valley Lodge and Spa and the rest of the ladies we spent our time with. Find out more about Asanda and mom-me-time here.

If you would like to check yourself in at the Valley Lodge and Spa, visit their website