Is your pillowcase giving you wrinkles?

find out if your pillow case is giving you wrinkes

Delay that ageing process while you sleep by finding out one thing: is your pillowcase giving you wrinkles?

We’re told time and time again that sleep is the best remedy for just about every beauty problem and concern, but could this much-loved beauty sleep be behind some of those wrinkles we’re starting to see creep across our face? Nobody wants to look older than they should, and while we all know that the ageing process is inevitable, we certainly don’t want to unnecessarily age ourselves… especially not while we sleep!

The solution to this problem could be simpler than you think; it could lie in one little piece of material – your pillowcase.

Hang on, so you’re telling me my pillowcase could be giving me wrinkles?

This is what you’re thinking, right? Well, the truth is that it could very well be. While your pillowcase won’t be behind every fine line and wrinkle on your face (if only it were so simple!), it could be adding to the problem and giving you a few extra definitive lines.

OK, but how exactly does it do that?

We’re so glad you asked! Most of us sleep on cotton pillowcases, and while there’s nothing wrong with this, the fabric is actually a bit harsh on our delicate facial skin. When you lie down on a cotton pillowcase, your face – and thus your skin – is almost ‘stuck’ onto one position; in other words, you can’t slide around on the fabric. So, as you move or shift around in your sleep, your skin catches on the cotton pillowcase, almost stretching it at times and preventing it from sliding back into place, which is obviously not great for it – especially as we get older and have less elasticity in our skin.

Aha – so it’s pulling my skin really tight?

Pretty much… and not in a good way. And that’s not all it’s doing. We’ve all woken up a few times with very obvious crease lines in our faces that come from the pillowcase we’ve been sleeping on, and while the crease fades with the day, the more this happens, the more chance there is of making a permanent line on your face. All of us tend to have our sleeping positions that are most comfortable, so if you always sleep in a certain way on your right-hand side, you’ll probably notice a crease in a similar spot on regular occasions, and this messes with our skins elasticity.

I see, I see – is that all?

Well, no. Cotton also absorbs moisture, so that fabulous cream you’ve just put on your face gets soaked right into the pillowcase.

Great! So, are we all doomed?

Thankfully not… a silk pillowcase could be the answer you’re looking for. It allows your skin to move and slide around, doesn’t soak in any moisture and won’t crease your face. Short of tying yourself down on your bed, investing in one of these babies could drastically help your skin and prolong the ageing process. You’re welcome!