6 make-up don’ts you need to take note of

Makeup don'ts
Photo by Marcelo Moreira from Pexels

We are constantly being told how to do our make-up a certain way and about the things we need to have and how to use them, but how about what we shouldn’t do? In truth, there is an incredibly long list of make-up don’ts, but we’ve put down the ones we think are most important. Here are 6 Makeup don’ts you need to take note of.

Here are 6 Makeup don’ts you need to take note of:

1. DON’T… pump your mascara. It’s one of those things that just comes naturally (you know, like opening your mouth while applying the mascara), but pumping your mascara wand in and out of the container is actually a big no-no. Not only are you pumping in a whole lot of air which will dry out the mascara and give your product a shorter life span, but you’re also allowing bacteria to get inside – and you’re swirling it around, too. Since you definitely don’t want to be placing bacteria on your eye, this is one habit to stop immediately!

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2. DON’T… forget to wash your brushes. It’s one of those chores you know you have to do, but constantly put off. Bacteria, dirt and grime all gather on those brushes and beauty blenders, and then you merrily brush them all over your face… need we say more? There’s also the fact that product build up on them actually requires you to use more product to get a decent application, which ultimately costs you more money. So, wash those brushes!

3. DON’T… match the colour of your foundation to your face (or back of your hand). People regularly make the mistake of picking a foundation shade that matches the skin tone of their face, or even the back of their hand, and then wonder why they look like they’re wearing a mask! You want to match it to your neck and jawline, as you should be extending your make-up to avoid that unsightly mask-like look!


4. DON’T… use a concealer that’s too light. For some reason, there was this movement towards using a concealer that’s a whole lot lighter than the shade of your foundation, and it looks just as strange as you’d imagine. While a concealer a shade lighter than your foundation can brighten up the area under your eyes, anything more than this will just look wrong.

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5. DON’T… simply ‘colour in’ your eyebrows. If you thought the whole “eyebrows on fleek” thing was a fleeting trend, you’d be so wrong because, yes, eyebrows are still having their moment. If you’re trying to get those Insta-perfect brows, you need to stop using your eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow and colouring in the gaps; the aim is to create natural-looking brows, and you can only do this by using your pencil to draw a whole bunch of little brow hairs.

6. DON’T… line your lips in a darker shade than your lipstick. Seriously, don’t. Ever. Someone tried (and failed) to make this a trend, yet it still happens so regularly! Lining your lips with a liner that is darker than your lip colour ages you, makes your lips look smaller, and just looks bizarre, so rather leave that liner if you can’t find the matching shade!

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